We stand the test of time and age! We construct all kind of works, from simple residential houses to industrial warehouses. Choose whatever you need and we will give you an estimate of the job completion. With more than 30 years of experience, we are one of the best constructing companies you will find for a reasonable price!


How It Works

We are the home of innovations! We hold an opinion that mutual satisfaction and tradition come along the experience and therefore we strive to prove our long-time experience! As we have a team of motivating experts, you can count on many innovations and contemporary designs that are ready to be review by you!

Project development

The constant communication with clients is crucial for project development, and we work according to your requirements. Each stage and its completion must be confirmed both by our experts and you, as a customer.

We have expertise and professionals who are able to work on large projects in all sectors, including industrial, commercial and residential. We undertake all the stages of each process, you just need to choose what you like.  Safety is one of our primary concerns and we ensure all our workers wear the latest waterproof safety boots. 

Engineering standards

We possess in-depth knowledge about the standardisation and processes that are involved in the engineering works. We work hard to ensure the highest standards of work, with products supplied by local businesses, such as Northants Tools

Our Goals

We provide top-notch work and professionalism. We provide our service to all people who are in need for construction works.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of several engineers, standardization experts and project developers/managers who altogether form a flawless group that ensures remarkable construction works. All of them provide with the extensive in-depth knowledge on the various fields and sectors. We from a perfect construction crew!.


Alex, project manager

Alex is the key role for each project as he plans each step and reviews procedures in advance. With the more than 25 years of construction work experience, he is able to draft the project and present you a rough estimation of the all costs.


John, construction engineer

John is in charge for all the major tasks that require an extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements, standards and procedures. He prepares takes the projects from Alex and inspects them, adding or removing a certain set of activities and actions.

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Danielle, financial advisor and finalization expert

Danielle takes care of our financial activities and makes sure everything is delivered on time and everything is paid. Possessing the construction knowledge, she is able to come out with the final costs, solutions to some finalization problems and the finalization of the project. All the legal acts and knowledge comes from her.

Still Doubting?

  • I have contacted these guys regarding a small side-house that I was planning to build. Very professional, passionate about the work, and accurate team of people! I highly recommend this agency to all!

    Jack, 63

  • Had some problems with the walls at my old weekend’s house so I took a couple of pictures, wrote a couple of details and sent to these guys. Received the draft, and rough project plan and costs estimation! Will hire them again if needed!

    Robert Donovan, 44

  • Just wanted to build my first house, after I got married. I do know a single thing about the constructing, but these guys taught me a lot and did a great job!

    Rob, 29

  • Wanted to reconstruct my old three-story house from the 18th century and I decided to contact them, as a friend of mine referred me to these people. More than satisfied, so I more than recommend this professional team!

    Paul, 31


We started this blog to show our expertise that we can offer in the construction niche. Still, our site will not only serve a s a tool for a personal promotion but also for education as we have a lot of interested fans in construction. Therefore, we will update our blog with the news, innovations and new procedures and standards from the construction sphere.